Ampel Parts exports and imports products on their own as well as on demand of its customers. It provides help and support through the following solutions:
Operational – experienced and trained professionals run and follow up the whole process of consolidation of goods from their delivery and packaging to their removal, ensuring agility and preserving the integrity of the products.
Logistics – All local and foreign freights as well as logistics providers are hired and closely supervised and approved, ensuring excellence throughout the chain.
Taxes – we guide our clients in all customs and tax legislation thus reducing operating time and cost.


We work with a wide range os spare parts and supplements for trucks both Brazilian and foreign. With first class standard, we supply products from different manufacturers (OEM) and suppliers of aftermarket spare parts on flexible terms and price conditions.


Ampel Parts works with spare parts from many different brands and manufacturers both Brazilian and international, always offering quality and flexibility in the products it exports.


Brazil is one of the leading manufacturers of bus bodies with many worldwide known manufacturers such as Marcopolo, Caio Induscar, Busscar and many others.

Located close to these major manufacturers, Ampel Parts is able to serve them in an easy and fast way quality and competitive prices.


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